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Posted March 30th, 2010 by claudy. Comment (0).

Juffrouw informed Mama that we have to do something nice to ensure that Bean could be able to recognize her bag in the hallway. So here it is! the bag was made by Mama with Bean’s assistance.


Cap for LB2

Posted January 29th, 2010 by claudy. Comment (1).

Here is my new project. I am quite satisfied with it.
It is not that difficult and time consuming.
My instruction source:

Chain 3, join and chain 1
Rd1: Make 5 half double crochet (HDC)
Rd2: Make 10 HDC (2 HDC in every between stitch)
Rd3: Make 15 HDC (1 HDC in first between stitch and 2 HDC in next between [...]

A Puff Stitch Hat and A Rasberry Scarf

Posted November 21st, 2009 by claudy. Comments (2).

Glad that Bean loves the scarf and hat! Once she puts them both on, she found herself very pretty in the mirror, then she didn’t want to take them off anymore.

The hat, I was using is a crochet method. This pattern is called Puff Stitch.
Puff Stitch:

*Wrap yarn over the hook,
Put it through the loop,
Wrap the [...]

Scarf for Spawn (Pattern: crossed-stitch rib)

Posted November 19th, 2009 by claudy. Comment (0).

Since last year I started knitting the scarf for Spawn. It took a while but I finally finished this week after a lot of long breaks. I am now feeling release, because Spawn can’t complain anymore about waiting for his hand knitted scarf.
Here is the pattern:
Row 1: P1, *Tw2R, P1, rep from *.
Row 2: K2, [...]

My Troublesome Eyes

Posted August 18th, 2009 by claudy. Comment (0).

When I was little, I wanted to look mature, so I loved wearing glasses. Nowadays I hate wearing glasses, it is not just about the look, it is also not so convenient. Because of my fear for cataract surgery and lens implantation, the only option I have left is wearing contact lenses. These large quantity of [...]

Protected: iPhone test

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Lottery Result

Posted August 11th, 2009 by claudy. Comment (0).

Lottery in the Netherlands is something too expensive for me. I would not buy it. But the risk taker "Spawn" would always take the chance to become a millionair.
This week the lottery had 27,5 millions in the jackpot and it was guaranteed that they had to draw the winning jackpot number. So all over in [...]

A nightmare

Posted August 9th, 2009 by claudy. Comment (1).

Often hear from people telling everyone of having a nightmare, it then turn into reality (and by "It" I means bad things happening).
My nightmare of this morning is kind of scary for me!! Though, I am not superstitious, there is nothing wrong if I scribble it down…..! The thing is a dream without structure is [...]