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今天天氣熱,去看看我的植物順便淋水,一看之下…嘩!死淨種長葉呀!前幾天淋水還沒有看見呢!可能這兩天熱的關係吧!但沒想到它可以長得這樣快。我實在太興奮喇!好開心,沒有白費我的心機! Yeah…!


很久沒有更新我這個My Scribblings了,實情是之前比較忙,忙完後就懶起來了,直至現在覺得是時候更新一下,不然我會變得更懶更不想寫!
雖然沒有定期更新,可我時時刻刻也會想起My Scribblings呢!所以不時也有把些所碎事拍下來!現在我家腦裡的照片多的是,真不知從那裡入手呢!MG!還有德國的片段哦!管不了那麼多了,首先把想寫的先整理好,慢慢加上去吧!







為何叫金錢樹枝呢?是因為我怎看也不覺得是樹!本來是有兩枝的,一枝比較大另一枝較小。起初大的那枝生命力很强,一直在長還生了根呢!可是小金錢樹枝的狀 態一日比一日差,直至救無可救,最終都是要把小的放棄!自小樹枝棄掉了,剩下來的這枝就每況愈下,葉子從深綠變青綠,根部有些少發毛!估計可能樓上不夠 暖,現在把金錢樹枝搬下來廳中,再看情況有否改善吧!



Spawn prefers Western food over Chinese foods. So as a compromise, I often prefer something fusion-like.

Choi Sum grown with heart. I was lucky to receive some.

My Troublesome Eyes

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When I was little, I wanted to look mature, so I loved wearing glasses. Nowadays I hate wearing glasses, it is not just about the look, it is also not so convenient. Because of my fear for cataract surgery and lens implantation, the only option I have left is wearing contact lenses. These large quantity of [...]

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Rest. Seoul Garden

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Some days ago, we were complaining about the Korean food in Rotterdam. This lead to invitation to join our Korean friend J. to a tiny Korean restaurant (sort of Eethuis in Dutch).
As J. is the expert, she ordered for everybody. The dish below we liked the most.
The owner of the restaurant taught us how to [...]

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On Thursday afternoon at Scheveningen, a crowded day at the beach. It was above 30 degrees celcius.

Took a seat at Simonis aan zee and tasted its delicious codfish. It was super fresh!

Its mussels stewed with garlic was also quite lekkerrrrrrrrr (=tasty)!


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Lottery Result

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Lottery in the Netherlands is something too expensive for me. I would not buy it. But the risk taker "Spawn" would always take the chance to become a millionair.
This week the lottery had 27,5 millions in the jackpot and it was guaranteed that they had to draw the winning jackpot number. So all over in [...]

A nightmare

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Often hear from people telling everyone of having a nightmare, it then turn into reality (and by "It" I means bad things happening).
My nightmare of this morning is kind of scary for me!! Though, I am not superstitious, there is nothing wrong if I scribble it down…..! The thing is a dream without structure is [...]