A Puff Stitch Hat and A Rasberry Scarf

Posted November 21st, 2009 by claudy. Comments (2).

Glad that Bean loves the scarf and hat! Once she puts them both on, she found herself very pretty in the mirror, then she didn’t want to take them off anymore.

The hat, I was using is a crochet method. This pattern is called Puff Stitch.
Puff Stitch:

*Wrap yarn over the hook,
Put it through the loop,
Wrap the [...]

Lunch Box for Bean

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Seems Bean likes the lunch box a lot. I also like it very much. I kept eating during the making process.


Scarf for Spawn (Pattern: crossed-stitch rib)

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Since last year I started knitting the scarf for Spawn. It took a while but I finally finished this week after a lot of long breaks. I am now feeling release, because Spawn can’t complain anymore about waiting for his hand knitted scarf.
Here is the pattern:
Row 1: P1, *Tw2R, P1, rep from *.
Row 2: K2, [...]

My first fondant cake

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My first attempt of baking fondant cake
It tastes nicer than marzipanned but it is super super sweet, even Spawn couldn’t bear it.
Ingredients for the fondant:
250g marshmallow
2 table spoons of water
1 table spoon of shortening
500g icing sugar
Food coloring colors
Cake writing pen

1. Firstly add 250gr marshmallow + 2 tsp water + 1 tsp shortening in a bowl [...]


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An attractive Smart Cabrio parked in the street in front of the museum. Haven’t seen this model before. Found it quite cool.

During this trip, we traveled mostly with the metro. Here is one of the metro station, it was quite in chaos!! The cables just hanging around everywhere.

Just passed by a real estate agent and [...]