Chinese Doctor@Hong Kong

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Back from Hong Kong for weeks already. It was the first trip for LB and a tiresome trip for Spawn and me. We first thought we could handle it without bring LB’s trolley. However, we were totally exhausted on the second day of our stay. I was not able to move my head properly and [...]


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記得開始種植金錢葉的時候有大概20多片葉, 後來剩下來就只有10片葉, 現在的每片葉已經漸漸發芽而且開始開枝散葉!

10片葉子當中, 生長速度有快有慢, 有時幾天內的變化可以好大, 有時放上個多月一點動靜也沒有! 不過我發覺每次忘了淋水, 有部份枯死, 而剩下來的都會長高了些!