My in laws

Posted April 18th, 2010 by claudy. Comment (1).

Today I was just wondering who should I call in laws besides the obvious members of my other half's family.

I then asked Spawn:" Are the wife/husband of your brothers/sisters also called in laws?

He doubted but he said:" It probably is",

then I doubted" How can it be", don't know how to explain but just do not feel right.

Then I check it at Wikipedia and it mentioned that the 2 wives of 2 brothers are co-sisters in law. Can this be correct?…

In Chinese, the naming for this kind of relationship is much more clearer than in the English language.

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  1. Auntie G

    Hi! Yes, the wife of your brother is your sister-in-law and if you have a sister and she gets married, then you have a brother-in-law. Your cousin's spouse is your cousin-in-law.
    I was also looking at kaithlyn's website and saw that she has grown soooo much since we last saw her! She can even dance now! ( i saw the video! Sooooo adorable!!) I wish i could give her big warm hug and plant a big fat kiss on her pretty little face! Haha…

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