Disney On Ice

Posted April 11th, 2010 by claudy. Comment (0).

After having dinner in Rotterdam, Spawn suggested to go to somewhere for a drink, but another idea came up in my mind. To go to the show: “Disney On Ice”. So we checked our Iphone to see whether we could still order 3 last minute tickets for the show at 19:30 and they acutally had more than enough seats tonight…

One of the promotion picture of the show

The price of the entrance is more than half the price for a day entrance to Disneyland Paris, but this show only lasted for about 1,5 hour and the quality of the show was not so good as what I expected. Spawn fell almost asleep, he probably didn’t find all those princesses so interesting. But what is most important, LiTtLe BeAn did enjoy the show very much!! She saw all her favorite princesses, Tinkerbell, Mickey, Mini and Goofy. She became crazy and was quite excited after watching the show.

And we also bought a nice little princess crown for her. When we put the crown on her head for the first time, you could see that she felt very pretty.

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